Every Member of SEFAC/Competitor and Owner shall complete this form.


1 ‘Competitor’
Any person, whether a Member of SEFAC or not, partaking in any Event and shall include any driver of and any passenger in any vehicle entered or engaged in any Event ;
2 ‘Event”
Any event or competition at any venue (including but not limited to the Kyalami racetrack, the pit-lane and adjoining roads on the Kyalami compound or any other racetrack in the Republic of South Africa), organised or attended to by SEFAC, involving any motor vehicle of whatsoever size, make or description, whether or not such Event involves the display of any such vehicle, or the driving, racing or testing thereof, or the practising for any such Event, and shall include the transportation of any such vehicle, whether under tow or under its own power to, at or from the venue of such Event;
3 ‘Member’
A member of SEFAC
4 ‘Owner’
Any person owning any car used in or displayed at any Event;
5 ‘Third Party’
Any person accompanying the Signatory, including any minor accompanying the Signatory or any such person;
Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club, together with its officers, officials, agents and representatives, servants, promoters and sponsors and shall further include the owners of any property upon which any Event is held as well as the Automobile Association of South Africa, its employees and representatives and SA Motorsport and its employees and representatives;
7 ’Signatory’
The person whose name, address and signature appears on this document;
8 ‘Spectator’
Any person, whether a Member of SEFAC or not, attending any Event, such as a spectator, official, Competitor, guest, invitee, licensee or trespasser and shall include any minor(s) accompanying such person.
I, the Signatory, do hereby acknowledge, accept and agree that it is a condition of my membership of SEFAC and/or my entry as a Competitor and/or my attendance in whatever capacity at any Event, which condition I hereby accept and agree to, namely that:
  1. SEFAC shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage or personal injury – fatal or otherwise – sustained by myself or by any Third Party arising directly or indirectly from any Event or my or any Third Party’s attendance thereat or presence at the venue thereof, irrespective of the manner in which such loss or personal injury occurred, and even though same may have been contributed to or caused by gross negligence or default of SEFAC, any Member, Competitor or Owner.
  2. I further hereby indemnify and hold harmless SEFAC, any Member, Competitor or Owner against all and any claims and liability of whatsoever nature, and against any loss, damage (direct or indirect), costs (including legal costs on the scale as between Attorney and own client) or personal injury, suffered or sustained by any Spectator or owner of the premises (or its employees or agents) where any Event is held, caused by me or any Third Party.
  3. I specifically declare that I am fully aware of the risks, dangers and perils attendant upon the Events, and I hereby voluntarily accept the risks, dangers and perils upon myself as well as in respect of any Third Party.
This indemnity and acceptance aforesaid shall apply from the date of signature for an indefinite period to each and every Event arranged by, through or under the auspices or otherwise with attendance of SEFAC and which I may attend whether as a Member, Competitor, Owner or Spectator.